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Kentucky Basketball
Davis' Bizarre Arm Growth Under Investigation     

Anthony Davis may be at the center of investigation into bizarre arm lengthening charges. The NCAA Infractions Committee has announced a preliminary inquiry into suspicion that the University of Kentucky has been providing at least one of the players in the basketball program with a special derivative of equine stem-cell proteins. The University of Kentucky has long been the clear leader in this field of research. It appears that currently, if true, this would not be a violation of any existing NCAA rule.

Speculation has arisen regarding the incredible (and obvious) increase in the length of the arms of NCAA Player of the Year candidate, Anthony Davis. On arrival to campus in the summer of 2011, the freshman measured in with a 7' 6" wing-span.

Anthony Davis

The UK basketball operations office would not comment officially about the shocking increase in the length of the star center's arms. However, an unnamed official close to the team said Wednesday, "We are not in the practice of measuring our student-athletes in the course of the season. They have enough to worry about in preparation for their efforts on the court and in the classroom. Besides, the growth patterns of Anthony, everyone knows, is unprecedented. Furthermore, we have been assured that there is currently no NCAA regulation specifically regarding limb enhancement - only performance enhancement."

Davis famously experienced an amazing 8" growth spurt between his junior and senior years of high school. Recent photo comparisons have shown that his reach may have increased by as much as 10" to 12" since his college career began. 

The question came up at today's presser to Coach John Calipari. "There are many of advantages in playing at this university. This is a players-first university. We provide our players with every legal advantage to assist them in achieving their goals in life. Look, let me ask you, Jerry. Would Anthony Davis benefit from longer arms? Of course."

The Infractions Committee is looking at the situation to determine if rules on the matter need to be set in place. "This is just another one of those cases of science outpacing sports at this point," said NCAA spokesman Fred Switzer.

NCAA Basketball Rules Committee Considering Super Time Out

One of the more controversial rules being considered is the implementation of the "Super Time Out" for the 2012-2013 season. The rule would allow a time out which immediately stops action regardless of a break in play. The "STO" cannot be used in the last 2 minutes of a game. This will normally be called by the defensive team. The team with possession will then be able to resume play inbounding the ball at any point of their choosing on the floor. The STO will be counted as a regular time out and is not as an additional one. The coach or players on the floor can call this time out. The discussed signal would be the traditional T hand sign - but high over the head. 

Gillispie Recruit Still Committed to be a Wildcat

It may come as a surprise to many Wildcat fans but Trevor Lemming, the only remaining recruit signed by former Kentucky Coach Billy Gillispie, is still set to join the Cats in the class of 2014. Trevor lives with his mother Dorothy and little brother Ike in their modest Chatsworth, California home. Trevor hasn't played organized ball in two years, but hopes to make his high school team next year. He is currently employed as a "rat killer" for the Chatsworth Public Works Department (a job that stemmed from a work-release program). Weighing in at just 110 pounds, his co-workers say he is a fearless and relentless worker. We are attempting to interview the young man soon.

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